Brand Identity Pack

Shibu PG shared a really cool brand identity project on Behance. We are fans of any project that shares a bit more about the creative process, especially when there are sketches and the translation of them to the digital version. This brand identity has a super stylish color palette, a bit unconventional, with the dark theme but definitely worth checking it out.


Tattwa means the element of truth, actually, it can be attuned to many aspects, which coined by Buddha. In other words, we can refer that  Buddha’s words become Tattwa’s. Attract happiness into your life, and dream a new life in an old dream, to make today and future Serene.

The team Tattwa helps you to open those gridlocks in your mind and helps you to enhance the creativity which embraces around you.

When I focused on that terms, it hit me, minimalism is the language conveyed by Buddha. Sophistication in a minimal avatar, that was the approach I took.

Three main points focused here


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