Maison Lucien Gau – Brand Identity

Maison Lucien Gau is a family-run business listed as a living heritage, created in 1860, perpetuating the art bronze profession. It manufactures and restores lighting fixtures and art furniture, mainly intended for a clientele of luxury hotels and resorts, yacht builders and architects, all over the world.

Based in Paris, the company has a showroom near Bastille, at the bottom of a splendid private courtyard. We were approached late 2016 to rethink the overall positioning of this legendary brand, which suffered from a lack of presence and visibility. By adopting a method of meticulous craft work, we wanted to transcribe the soul of a company that has gone through the decades without ever compromising its know-how. The new brand identity is based on a monogram “LG”, fine, balanced and symmetrical, resuming the shape of a chandelier, and on a serif wordmark entirely designed for the occasion. The graphic style, without any superfluous elements but with rigorous construction, and the choice of materials, which has shown special attention, complete the emergence of a new elegant and graceful branding.

Design by: Brand Brothers

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